Dumaxa Accountancy Ltd




As a small or medium sized owner managed business, we understand the host of challenges you’ll face. It’s, therefore, imperative that you stay on top of your finances from day 1 – our service charter  ensures you have the support and advice whenever you need it. We work with a range of businesses from recruitments consultant, dentist practices and fast-food to electronics, warehousing, technology and travel firms.


Our varied client base means we’re very well experienced to advise you on the most intricate of issues. If you’re looking for expertise, you’ve come to the right place!

Save Time

Recent studies suggest anywhere between 10% and 20% of time is wasted by business owners doing book-keeping. We reduce that burden and help you become more efficient in your processes.

Cost Effective

We never charge for additional time for any service that’s not already included in your package. We support our businesses to the fullest extent possible with a price and service guarantee.

Business Taxes

If you’re not a limited company or partnership, you and your business are considered one. Having said this, you are still required to comply with various rules and regulations from a compliance and tax perspective when it comes to running your business. Whether it’s VAT or expenses, we advise on all aspects.

Income Taxes

NIC’s, tax bands, thresholds, blah blah. We know you don’t want to hear the nitty gritty so we break things down in simple terms and explain exactly how your personal taxes are affected by your business and in many cases your employment.


As a small business owner, you may have multiple employees and various operations. You’ll, therefore, have obligations to each of these individuals such as minimum wage and pension rights. We integrate these aspects of running a business into our service from day 1 as standard.

For your convenience, you’re assigned a single fully qualified accountant to handle all your needs. This ensures continuity and understanding amongst client and partner. You’ll never have to wait in queues to speak to us or be thrown around different departments (we don’t have any). Think of us as a finance business partner you can call upon any time!

We also offer site visits and face-to-face meetings. We feel this helps develop relationships and gives us a further understanding of not only your business but you as an individual so we can tailor our approach.

Impeccable Service

Running a business is hard-work and time consuming with blood, sweat and tears having gone into the initial phases. You need not worry about keeping up with your deadlines and filings as we take care of this for you. We keep our clients regularly updated and in some instances help advise businesses on their strategy based on what we see in their financials.

Why Traders Choose Us


Fully qualified ICAEW Chartered Accountants. No juniors to deal with and no questions left unanswered.


A broad client base with broad expertise in varied industries.

Fixed Fees

No hidden charges or charging for extra time – take as long as you like via e-mail, phone or post and in some cases face-to-face meetings. Fixed fees for everything you need to run your business.


You receive access to your own personal accountant for whenever you need them. We’ll even invite you to a game of golf if you’re lucky!


Leave everything to us so you can do what you do best. No need to run around or chase us – we prepare and submit your documents for you. In fact, we will be chasing you!

All Inclusive

When we say a fixed fee for everything, we mean it. This includes year end accounts, payroll, payslips, VAT and self-assessments.

Business planning & strategy

We can help you prepare your accounts going back a number of years in relation to any loan application in support of your business. We have helped individuals secure valuable loans worth hundreds of thousands for businesses ranging from salons and property to technology and leisure.

When it comes to managing your finances, we also help you to predict the next 12 months in terms of your submissions, taxes due and what your full year financials will look like.

We don’t believe in offering just one type of service with you having to find other advisers to help you with the different elements of your taxes and finances. Whether you’re a partnership, start up company or sole trader, we will not only take care of your business taxes but your personal taxes too. Any decisions you make in your business will be clearly explained to highlight the impact to your personal taxes both of which will be handled by us.

We guarantee you’ll never have to chase us for information or submissions. In fact, we check in on our clients every now and again even when there aren’t any deadlines just to make sure they share their concerns with us and see if we can offer any further help or advice.