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Switching Accountants

Switching Accountants? Relax, we take care of it all.

This is similar to the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Many individuals are extremely comfortable with their existing accountant but when questioned about whether they’ve had a tax review or if they know the reasoning behind the figures they’re approving, a lot of the times the answer is “I don’t have a clue, I trust my accountant to do all of that”. Unfortunately, we’ve noticed many wasted opportunities due to lack of awareness when discussing a switchover. Thus, it’s always important to keep yourself in the loop and chase your accountant for explanations.

How Easy is it to Switch?

Absolutely no hassle. Easy peasy. Forget about all the admin to do with switching, we take care of all of that.

Usually, there’s a psychological block attached of changing or moving to the unknown. You face many dilemmas – paperwork, time, money etc. but that’s nothing to worry about at all. The whole process is as easy as you wanting to have a different cereal for breakfast tomorrow.

No Obligation

We offer a full consultation before you make a switch. We establish the facts and figures for free and see if we can a) do better, b) assess your tax efficiency and c) deliver a better service. If the answer is yes to all 3, then it’s definitely time to move on to new beginnings. Free yourselves from the shackles of bad accounting!