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self employed expenses
Self Assessment Overview

Whether you require assistance for a self-assessment for additional income such as dividends, property, capital taxes or have made other undeclared income from a business or as a sole trader, we can guide you the process of getting your taxes right and on time. See below for further detail on this service starting from as little as £99/year.

Detailed summary of Self Assessment services

We don’t just submit your tax return for you, we give a clear indication of liabilities and future payments based on your current situation.

  • Completion of your Self-Assessment Tax Return
  • Advice on Income Tax payments
  • Guidance on National Insurance contributions and PAYE

As part of preparing your self assessment, we consider historic information that may be of value. We go further to compare this against current and projected future performance to ensure the correct claims are being made and the appropriate level of tax is being paid.

As part of the self assessment, the implications of your tax returns and the details contained therein are further assessed against any benefits you may receive and the overall impact on your family circumstances, for example, tax credits you may be claiming as a joint couple who are both working.

Depending on the depth of analysis you require, we can give you a full breakdown of your monthly and moving spend versus income to give you a snapshot view of how you’re performing as per the graphical display below.